In our Quality Control laboratories, an expert team performs all quality control testing – from the raw material to the finished product – using state-of-the-art test equipment.


We perform all tests, to which the plastic products are subjected to, applying internationally valid standards.


  • Physical Tests                    
       Densiy ISO 1183
  Ash Conter ISO 3451
  Determination of water content  ISO 15512
  Water Absorbtion ISO 62
                  Mold Shrinkage ISO 294-4


  •  Mechanical Tests
                Tensile Modulus / Stress ISO 527-2
  Flexural Modulus / Strength ISO 178
  Charpy Impact ISO 179
  Izod Impact ISO 180 
  Hardness (Shore D) ISO 868


  • Rheological Tests
               Melt Flow Index                    ISO 1133


  •  Thermal Tests
                    DSC ISO 11357-1
  VICAT Softening ISO 306
  HDT –Heat Deflection Tmeperature ISO 75-2


  • Optical Tests
               Colour Analysis ASTM D6290
                    Glass Fiber Length -
                   Laser Transparency Ratio                      -


  • Flame Retardancy and Electrical Tests                   
                      UL-94 Flammability                             IEC 60695-11-10
  Glow Wire Tests IEC 60695-2-12/13
  Needle Flame Test IEC 60695-11-5
  CTI IEC 60112
  Surface Resistivity ASTM D257


  •  Ageing Tests
  Accelaerated Conditioning ISO 1110
                Heat Ageing ISO 2578
  Hydrolysis Resistance -




In order to become not only a consuming but a producing society, and to be able to differentiate from others in this concern, an economy policy that is based on research and development has to be applied.

For this reason, research and development form not only part of our management strategy – research and development   a r e   our strategy.

The aim of our R&D department is continuous innovation. In order to get into the leadership position in our sector, the department’s focus is put on continuous research activity. In this context, our company is busy in order to develop new products and formulations that comply with the standards, and improve the already existing ones, by means of keeping itself informed in detail on any developments in terms of its customers’ requirements.

Aiming at fulfilling our customer requirements, and at developing new products, our plant has a Coperion brand extruders (model ZSK26 – ZSK 40) available for sample production as well as technical developments