We believe that our greatest power in order to become able to reach our strategic goals, and to steer our company’s growth under continuously changing competitive conditions are our human resources. We further believe that, in our working life relationships, THE WORKING PEACE based on an environment of respect, understanding, and confidence affects our employees’ both sincere loyalty and success in their working lives, and we are striving for doing our best in this concern.

Applying our Human Resources Management Processes, we are aiming at employing human resources, who are open to innovations and change, who are dynamic, who are aiming at continuously improving themselves, and who are minding the ethical values, and at holding up employee satisfaction and motivation.

For choosing human resources needed by our company, we are employing new staff, indiscriminately of religion, language, race, sex, marital status, physical disability, region, or others. During this process, we are aware of our social responsibility, thus recruiting

  • candidates, who have knowledge and skills in those competencies that meet the requirements of the position to be staffed,
  • whose potential for development is high,
  • who will adopt and carry on our company’s values, and who mind the ethical values,
  • who are aged 18 or older, we choose among these candidates minding the principle of equal opportunities.

In order to become able to meet the needs for human resources at specific sites and in specific positions in compliance with our continuously growing and developing company’s vision of globalisation, our priority are our internal sources, i.e. our company’s employees.

Furthermore, we realise an effective Career Management, by means of both vertical and horizontal job changes, based on training and competency management systems that increase the employees’ both personal and vocational competencies.