• To shape the leadership mentality of all our employees by our strategy-oriented corporate management,
  • To increase our employees’ effective working and motivation, by supporting their personal development and continuous training activities,
  • To develop strategies that are based on self-assessment, using the measurable values management method,
  • To ensure, and to increase the sustainability of our productivity, our system’s efficiency, our market share, our profitability, and our competitiveness, by means of adopting continuous improvement within our management system,
  • To all applicable laws primary and secondary regulatory conditions,
  • To perform activities in order to develop our suppliers’ quality consciousness,
  • To meet the needs and expectations of all interested parties with the conditions of our quality management system.
  • Not to harm the ecological balance while performing all our activities,
  • To perform activities in order to develop all interested parties’ environmental awareness,
  • To ensure that waste is minimized at its source, that it is re-used or recycled whenever possible, and that non-recyclable waste is disposed of applying the appropriate methods,
  • To ensure that energy, raw materials, and natural resources are used in a productive manner,
  • To observe our regulatory obligations, the effective environmental regulations, and the conditions of those institutions we are a member of,
  • To customize all our processes by means of adopting continuous improvement within an environmental management system.

 We at Epsan and group companies consider people as the most important assets in all the activities we carry out. Therefore, aiming to create awareness of occupational health and safety for all employees, we constantly improve ourselves and act in accordance with the following principles;

  • Minimize any type of loss as a priority business purpose by means of providing a more secure and healthier working environment,
  • Comply with all the laws and regulations on Occupational Health and Safety,
  • Organize training activities that are intended to create and enhance awareness of occupational health and safety for all employees,
  • Make the culture of occupational health and safety a lifestyle,
  • Allocate resources for activities carried out for occupational health and safety,
  • Provide and ensure use of personal protective equipment required to be used in working environments,
  • Identify any factor that may cause occupational accidents and diseases at earlier stages by means of adopting the target for zero occupational accident and disease and, eliminate all the respective risks by means of taking required measures,
  • Ensure that each employee, supplier, intern, and visitor complies with the OHS rules.

In order to ensure that these principles are efficiently applied, risks are analyzed and, measures are taken to minimize the risks identified accordingly. All types of equipment are checked and, all periodic tests and measurements are carried out in due time to eliminate all possible dangers and risks at source.

Annual training activities concerning the applications of occupational health and safety are repeated each year, which creates continuous improvement, development and personal awareness among employees.

We believe that human resources are our greatest power to achieve our strategic targets and, manage the growth under the ever-changing competition conditions. We believe that PEACE AT WORK created by respect, understanding, and environment of trust in the working life relationships affects the loyalty and professional success of our employees and, make great efforts to maintain it.

We aim to employ such human resources that are open to innovations and changes and, that are dynamic aiming to continuously improve themselves and, respecting ethical values, and we are committed to keeping the satisfaction and motivation of our employees at the highest levels through the Human Resources Management Processes.

With the awareness of social responsibility and, without making any discrimination of religion, language, race, gender, civil status, physical disability, region etc., during the selection of human resources needed by our group companies;

  • We Recruit people among those who have such knowledge and skills that meet the requirements of the respective position,
  • Have a great potential for improvement,
  • Adopt and sustain the values of our company and, attach importance to ethical values,
  • And are above 18 as per the Regulations on Heavy and Dangerous Works, considering the principle of equal opportunities.

In accordance with the globalization vision of our company that is continuously growing and improving, we give priority to our internal resources, i.e. existing employees in order to meet the requirements for human sources in vacant locations and positions.

We carry out an efficient Career Management through changes of positions vertically and horizontally due to training and competence management systems that are intended to increase the personal and professional competencies of our employees.